Katie Stirman is a Miami Native whose dance career spans two decades. She has had the opportunity to perform in venues such as the Baryshnikov Arts Center, The Joyce Theater, Skirball @NYU, the American Dance Festival 97’, 03’, 11,’ 12’, and the Adrienne Arsht Center: Ziff Ballet Opera House.  

She works collaboratively with artists, creating tailored experiences for each project.  After grand successes working alongside other creators, she now focuses mainly on her own repertory.   Katie is creating a series of immersive-meditative performances out in nature using textiles.  This project launched with video stills published in “100+ Degrees In The Shade: A Survey of South Florida Art”  from the first rendition of this piece, shot in the Catskill Mountains of New York and a performance with Bas Fisher Invitational: Weird Miami Bus Tour 2016 that toured its audience into the Everglades.  

Gladly diving into the intimate recesses of beauty this planet holds on the horizon, she seeks to deliver simplistic wonder back to those whom may have forgotten it’s marvels.

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